The Three Factors



The Three Factors are a combo of diet and movement regimen coupled with timing of the two.  These factors are the reason for rising obesity rates and 7/10 of Americans dying from chronic illness.  These can also be used in a simple solution to combat these issues. This is the most simple program of its time while also  being the most effective with results seen immediately and continue for the rest of your life.  We trim the confusion of what is needed to be fit, healthy, and live happy again!

This is a private program only for people who truly want change.  There is no prerequisite for this class and is open to whoever would like to change their life for the better.



Our first step will be educating you and what and what-not to eat. We will lay this out in the most simple of terms. We will cover how the body actually process foods and and eat do and don’t list. There will be no complicated diet plans. This will be the foundation on a new you.


We will using functional movement to help build a happy and healthier you. This will help speed up the process of burning fat and building lean muscle. Our goal is to build a better you and being a good mover is very important to they way we look, feel, and being functional into our late years.


The timing of our meals and workouts are the keystone to our success in this program. We will be telling you when to eat and workout. We will layout very simple program that will be like a Kickstarter to our fat loss. The is help take the fat off and more important keep the fat off for a lifetime.